"SINO" THD Series - Double Crank High Speed Precision Power Press

The machine body are made of "Meehanite cast iron" with time annealing treatment, which is to ensure the stablequality and accuracy for long term operation.

The characteristics of THD series
● The machine adopts "Milhanna cast iron" and after annealing aging treatment, to ensure long-term stable quality and accuracy.
● High precision impact resistant crankshaft support structure, can withstand long time stamping and reaction force, avoid thermal variables, reduce wear.
● Two guide cylinder and four guide column structure, the use of non-clearance bearing, to ensure the long-term stability of the slider and high precision, completely eliminate the side force, prolong the life of the die.
● Configuration of dynamic balance system, completely eliminate the inertia and vibration generated by the movement of the slider.
● The bearing and sliding block of the rotating part adjust the hydraulic locking device of the saw teeth, so that the accuracy of the lower dead point exceeds the special effect accuracy at high speed.
● Hydraulic clamping mould release decoration, in addition to enhance the rigidity of the fuselage, operation accuracy, and can shorten the mold maintenance time, increase productivity.
● Temperature control and oil temperature cooling system, accurate to maintain constant temperature and the precision of the friction position.
● Humanized operating system, reserved combined with unmanned system loop, providing future AI implementation space.

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