"SINO" LDP Series - Straight Side Crank Link Motion Press

Straight side frame with high rigidity, accuracy structure. Fully stress annealing, even load design to maintain perfect precision.

LDP features
● The body adopts high rigidity, high precision straight column frame, completely eliminate internal stress, uniform load, maintain stable accuracy.
● The design of connecting rod mechanism, with fast falling, slow forming, high speed recovery function, greatly reduce the noise and vibration of stamping.
● Eight-sided precision slide guide can reduce eccentric load displacement, improve the precision of stamping products, prolong the service life of the die.
● High transmission torque clutch brake, sensitive operation, low noise, long service life.
● Lubricating system with detection function, so that each slip point in the best condition, to ensure smooth operation.
● Multi-functional circuit design, high safety, easy operation, easy maintenance.
Comprehensive automatic design, can match all kinds of related peripheral equipment, play production efficiency.


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