"SINO" HDP Series - Straight Side Double Crank Press

H Type rigidity and even layout frame structure,can eliminate the deformation efficiently such as coming out from C frame structure. It is suitable for high precision progressive stamping work.

HDP characteristic
● Four column straight wall steel frame structure, front and rear position symmetry, can effectively eliminate the shortcomings of the C-frame opening, small deformation of the body, suitable for high precision continuous die products processing.
● Increase the contact surface of the slider six-side guide, increase the operation stability and anti-eccentric load ability.
● High quality transmission mechanism, can maintain the stability of mechanical properties for a long time.
● Large side opening is conducive to single action and full automation.
● Fully automatic electric control device, simple operation, convenient maintenance and high safety HDPL features
● The design of connecting rod mechanism, with fast falling, slow forming, high speed recovery function, greatly reduce the noise and vibration of stamping.
● Improve the precision of stamping parts, prolong the service life of the die.

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